A Toshiba digital telephone system is the first step to your business success.

 Big Business Telephone Systems, Performance at Affordable Small Business Phone System Price.

             TOSHIBA Business Telephones, your Edmonton Toshiba Strata Business office phone system CIX100 CIX200 CIX670 and Meridian Norstar Edmonton Telus Business Telephone Interconnect Dealer.

                     Toshiba business telephone system CIX100, CIX200, CIX670, CIX1200; Toshiba 10 button business telephones DP5022, DP5122; Toshiba 10 button VoIP phone IP5022; IP5122             Toshiba business telephone systems CIX100, CIX200, CIX670, CIX1200; Toshiba 20 button business telephones DP5032, DP5132, Toshiba 20 button VoIP phone IP5132                 Toshiba business phone system CIX100, CIX200, CIX670, CIX1200; Toshiba DP5130-SDL large display digital phone; Toshiba IP5131-SDL large display VoIP phone

                   Discover the Power of Toshiba's Strata Digital Telephones, with the DP5022, the DP5032 and the DP5130 & Toshiba's VoIP Communication Solutions with the IP5022, the IP5132 and the IP5131.


        Welcome to Tel-Tech. We have been providing our Edmonton customers custom designed business telephone systems for over 30 years. With our in house technical service department we have the capability of supplying and servicing Toshiba and Norstar phone systems. When a phone systems works efficiently it becomes an investment in your business success not just another cost of operation.

                 Our full service engineering department will analyze your needs, custom design your telephone system, supply and install the telephones, test the operation, train the staff to handle it effectively and follow up to make sure it is working properly.

              Our technical support team understands the necessity of good horizontal and vertical communication.  They are trained and certified by our manufacturers. They understand the value of having the best products on the market and the need for conference phones, cordless phones, headsets, amplifiers, speakers and paging systems.

For a quick call back and response call:

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            Telephone  780-484-2266